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Mr. Timothy J. Salo is the founder and owner of Salo IT Solutions, Inc. (SaloITS). He brings to the company three decades of experience researching, designing, developing, marketing, deploying and operating data communications and Internet technologies, products and networks; over a decade of experience as a principal investigator for DoD, DARPA, NASA, NSF, and NOAA contracts; 15 years management experience: research, product management, and software development; and a decade of experience in systems programming and software development. His educational qualifications include: Master of Science, Software Engineering, University of St. Thomas; Master of Business Administration, University of Minnesota; and Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, University of Minnesota. Mr. Salo is currently a part-time computer science Ph.D. student at the University of Minnesota. Additional information about Mr. Salo's background and experience can be found in his C.V.

The company augments its workforce, as needed, with contractors, consultants, part-time employees, and graduate research assistants.

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