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Project: Semantically Aware, Mission-Oriented Networks (SAMOnets)

The Semantically Aware, Mission Oriented (SAMO) network (SAMOnet) framework extends the Internet architecture to enable new, sophisticated, content-aware, network-layer services to be easily designed, developed, and deployed. The framework combines fine-grained, application-to-network signaling with enhanced, programmable, network-layer intelligence. The SAMOnet framework is particularly beneficial in demanding network environments such as dynamic, wireless, bandwidth-constrained, mission-oriented, edge networks where system-level efficacy and efficiency are paramount. While the SAMOnet framework enables system designers to, in effect, create local extensions to the Internet Protocol (IP), SAMOnets retain compatibility and interoperability with existing Internet protocols and deployed networks, equipment, hosts, and applications. The SAMOnet framework permits system designers to crate new and potentially sophisticated network-layer services, which may be tailored to meet the unique demands of their particular environments. It facilitates the development of intelligent, fine-grained, content-aware, network-layer services, which can often provide services that are much more responsive to current network conditions, compared to the services that can be provided by applications and hosts external to the network

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